Mark Hamill: Carrie Fisher Would Get a ‘Real Kick’ Out of Appearing in Star Wars: Episode IX

Unused footage of Carrie Fisher will feature in Episode IX later this year, and Mark Hamill,  her on-screen brother, thinks she’ll get a ‘real kick’ out of it. Speaking  to Radio Times, this is what Hamill had to say….

“Something tells me she’d get a real kick out of the fact she had a hit movie years after she left us,” the Luke Skywalker actor told “That was just her.”

Opening up about his co-star and close friend, Hamill also said he had to “disconnect emotionally” from Fisher’s death at times. “To lose Carrie in real life – I hate when harsh reality butts into my fantasy!” he said. “It was really upsetting and it’s not easy dealing with it in public.

“You didn’t have to know her to be a fan of hers. It’s unspeakably sad. I mean, usually her timing was impeccable. In this case, not so much.”

He added: “When I watch that scene when I say goodbye to her [in The Last Jedi], it takes me out of the movie completely.

“I’d like to think nothing would be better than having her here because she was always fun […] she could always make me laugh. I was proud that I could make her laugh. That’s really what it’s all about!”

Read Hamill’s full interview with Radio Times at the link below.