Lucasfilm Working on Willow Sequel Without Ron Howard

Whilst talking Solo: A Star Wars Story this summer, Ron Howard mentioned that there had been discussions about a potential Willow sequelAmerican Cinematheque screened Willow at a tribute to Howard’s career last weekend, and Howard gave a Q&A along with screenwriter Bob Dolman. During the Q&A Slash Film asked if Howard would be involved in a Willow sequel, this is what he said….

“I don’t know,” Howard told us. “It’s a Lucasfilm project.”

Theoretically, you’d think the director of a film will always get the opportunity to direct the sequel too. However, that is usually for sequels that follow shortly after the original. It may not apply to sequels 30-plus years later, and Howard is certainly busy enough he might have another project lined up when a Willow sequel gets going. He does have an in with Lucasfilm though.

Dolman knew a little bit more about the Willow plans but wasn’t talking.

“I don’t know much about it yet,” Dolman said. “I know a little but not enough to talk about it.”

But would Dolman like another crack at writing a script in the Willow universe?

“Yeah, why not?” Dolman said.

It will be interesting to see how this develops, read more here.

SOURCESlash Film
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