Lucasfilm Solo Concept Art: Costumes, Dryden Vos, Lady Proxima, Rio Durant

To celebrate today’s Blu-ray release for Solo: A Star Wars Story here in the United States, Lucasfilm has released another collection of concept art images that were designed for the standalone film. In fact, we have two collections of images to share with you.

The first collection features a series of various costume designs considered for characters such as Enfys Nest, Qi’ra, Val, and more. You can check them via the first image gallery provided below (click each image for a larger view).

And while you are browsing through these new image galleries, be sure to visit our earlier Solo concept art galleries shared by Lucasfilm to celebrate the film’s home media release featuring designs for the Millennium Falcon, Lando and L3-37, and costumes/vehicles for the Empire.

The second set of concept art images includes character designs that were drawn up for the on-screen appearances of Dryden Vos, Lady Proxima, and Rio Durant.