UPDATED: Looks Like Disney+ Goes Live at 6:00am ET on November 12

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that the countdown clock listed towards the bottom of the official Disney+ website points to a 6:00am ET launch time for the streaming service. Seems odd that there would be two different countdown clocks posted, but we’re gonna go with the 6:00am ET time slot based on this update. The title of this story has been changed to reflect the 6:00am ET listing.


While it has been known that the new Disney+ streaming service will be officially launching in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands next week on November 12, the exact time when fans could start enjoying the service’s content has not been announced. That appears to have changed as the Disney+ section on Marvel’s website (via ComicBook) has a countdown clock that ticks down to 9:00am ET on November 12 as being the release time for the service.

As ComicBook points out, this 9:00am ET time slot has not been previously announced by Disney in any sort of company press release or posting on their website. But given that the timer resides on the official Marvel website, we can safely assume this to be the Disney+ launch time.

Justin LaSalata
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