Listen To Two Samples From Michael Giacchino’s Rogue One Score

Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive first look (I mean, first “hear”) at two pieces from composer Michael Giacchino’s Rogue One score. Shortly after EW broke the news on their website, the same video was uploaded to the official Star Wars YouTube Channel. Check it out below!

Above, we present an exclusive “first listen” of the music Giacchino created for the movie. You’ll see Rogue One director Gareth Edwards speaking to the orchestra with Giacchino by his side. (Keep an eye out for the timpani player, Don Williams, who happens to be John’s brother.)

You’ll hear samples from two songs: “Her Path Is Clear,” which is most likely a Jyn Erso theme, and “Approach to Eadu,” which references the storm-drenched planet the Rebel spies visit.

SOURCEEntertainment Weekly
Justin LaSalata
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