Dan Zehr, teacher by day and podcasting host of Coffee With Kenobi by night, writes a great piece at the Official Site looking at what lessons the characters in The Last Jedi learn as the film plays out. The site is careful to comment that the opinions are those of Zehr himself but we think they make for a great read. Here’s what he has to say about Luke….

Luke’s unorthodox view of the Jedi way served him well at one point in his life, even leading him to bravely throw down his lightsaber in the Emperor’s throne room. Since that time, his faith in himself and the Force has waned; he believes the Jedi viewpoint and philosophy is part of what led to his perceived failure with Ben Solo and his plan to resurrect the Jedi Order. He has forgotten how to adapt and modify his point of view. He thinks he failed the galaxy, and is temporarily incapable of seeing things from a different perspective.

Luke Skywalker would rather endure a life of mediocrity than look directly in the mirror at who he is. He goes so far as to close himself off from the Force, which is problematic, considering that the Force is a big part of who the Jedi Master is. Some of the most successful teachers are lifelong learners in their own right, but Luke is temporarily incapable of learning from his perceived shortcomings. In short, his failure is complete, or so he thinks.

Ironically, his previous assertion that the Jedi are full of conceit is much more of a revelatory statement about Luke than it is the Jedi Order. Luke blames himself for Ben Solo’s fall to the dark side. His exile is less a personal stance against the Jedi way and is more of a reminder of his perceived failings. Ben Solo made his own choice to turn to the dark side, but Luke does not appear to acknowledge this fact. Instead, he turns to his own pride and conceit, which inadvertently helps catapult the galaxy into further turmoil. Failure is the greatest teacher, but you have to be willing to embrace this, turn from hubris, and learn from your mistakes.

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