What Does ‘The Last Jedi’ Hold For Luke & Leia?

Entertainment Weekly continues their coverage of The Last Jedi today with an article that places the spotlight on the siblings from Episode VIII – Luke and Leia. The last time we saw this brother/sister combo on the big screen was during the celebration on Endor after the destruction of the second Death Star. Fast forward 30+ years and a lot has happened in the storylines for these two iconic Star Wars characters since then.

What will we learn about them come December?

“Luke longs to have that extended family that he established in the original trilogies, but now he’s at a place in his life and in his history where he’s shunned all of that,” Mark Hamill says. “The big question is why didn’t he respond to Leia during [The Force Awakens]? There’s a lot of things you can’t answer until you see this movie.”

Carrie Fisher’s unexpected death last year makes The Last Jedi even more poignant, since her performance inevitably marks the last of Leia — at least on screen. Lucasfilm has said they will not be recreating her to resolve the princess-turned-general’s storyline.

In this movie, she finds herself no longer leading the Resistance, with power shifting to Laura Dern’s Vice Admiral Holdo, who has been an ally of Leia’s since they were girls in the early days of the Rebellion. Oscar Isaac says Leia is also positioning his X-wing fighter pilot Poe Dameron for a role as a decision-maker beyond the front lines of battle.

We don’t know the full circumstances of her leadership hand-off, but Leia could be turning her attention toward a more personal mission. She has seen her only son turn cruel and murderous, and although she primarily blames the influence of Supreme Leader Snoke, she also partly blames herself.