‘The Last Jedi’: EW On Snoke, Finn/Phasma Battle, Hamill’s Second Role, & More

WARNING: Full spoilers lie ahead. If you haven’t had the chance yet to see The Last Jedi, this is your warning that spoilers will be revealed in the content provided below.

Stop now and come back to this story after you’ve seen the film.

Still here? OK, here we go.

Entertainment Weekly’s first batch of spoilers for The Last Jedi revealed some pretty interesting insight about the direction chosen by Rian Johnson for some key scenes in the film. This next round of post-release updates from EW sees Johnson talking about Supreme Leader Snoke losing his life at the hands of Kylo Ren aboard his Supremacy star destroyer. Snoke was chalked up to be quite a badass in Episode VII, but sadly the character never materialized into much at all in Episode VIII.

Next we take a look at the battle towards the end of the film between Finn and Captain Phasma, which ended with Finn gaining the upper hand and Phasma falling to a fiery death…or did she? Johnson vaguely leaves open the possibility of Phasma making a return in Episode IX as well as the decision to only show Phasma’s eye after receiving damage to her chrome helmet during the fight with Finn.

Anthony Breznican wraps things up with details on a second character played by Mark Hamill in the film, one that you will most likely not be able to pick out among the lengthy number of new characters seen on Canto Bight. We also dive into the voices heard calling out to Rey from the Jedi whispering tree on Ahch-To as well as the name of the character voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The last piece in the article has Johnson revealing the “Leia that wasn’t” – Neal Scanlan and his creature effects team coming up with a dummy Leia for use in background shots of her recovering in the plastic healing pod after tapping into the Force to save her own life.

Tomorrow will feature one more reveal from EW with Breznican leaving us with “Rian Johnson on the deeper meaning of that final scene.”