‘The Last Jedi’: EW Reveals There’s More To The Film’s Ending

WARNING: Full spoilers lie ahead. If you haven’t had the chance yet to see The Last Jedi, this is your warning that spoilers will be revealed in the content provided below.

Stop now and come back to this story after you’ve seen the film.

Still here? OK, here we go.

As fans continue to flock to the theater ($450 million in global ticket sales and counting) to experience Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi, Entertainment Weekly has been releasing a series of post-screening articles that take a closer look at various plot points and characters of Episode VIII. Their first collection of articles focused on the return of Luke Skywalker, General Leia’s use of the Force in a life-saving capacity, the topic of Rey’s parents, and more. Their second batch of articles pulled back a few layers on the death of Supreme Leader Snoke, the rematch between Finn and Phasma, information on new secondary characters, and Neal Scanlan’s creation of a “fake Leia”.

Today EW’s ace reporter Anthony Breznican concludes his Episode VIII post-release coverage with comments from Rian Johnson about the ending of the film, specifically the “spark” that will come to light and take down the dreaded First Order.

Several times in the movie, characters mention “the spark” that will light the fire that burns down the First Order. While completing the task is now the job of the new heroes, it turns out that spark was our old friend Luke.

“Now the Legend of Luke Skywalker is spreading. Hope is reignited in the galaxy,” Johnson said.

We also learn the name of the small child (Temiri Blagg) who uses the Force to grab a broom and eventually holds it up to mimic a sword as he stares off into the night sky bringing the film to an end.