Kevin Feige Promoted to Chief Creative Officer of Marvel

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has been promoted, but not to head of Lucasfilm as some people had thought, he has instead been named as Chief Creative Officer of Marvel.

As Marvel Studios president, Feige oversees the creation, production, and release of all Marvel Cinematic Universe films (and upcoming Disney+ shows), but now Feige will be responsible for the overall creation of Marvel’s storytelling across all mediums. That includes publishing, film, TV, and animation.

As a result of the structural shift, Marvel TV and animation generator Marvel Family Entertainment will move under the Marvel Studios banner, which means the previously somewhat autonomous output from Marvel TV—which includes Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the now-defunct Netflix shows, and stuff like Marvel’s Runaways—will be overseen by Feige’s team. Key creatives in the realms of film, TV, and publishing will now report to Feige, who himself continues to report directly to Disney chief Alan Horn and co-chairman Alan Bergman.

This move makes a lot of sense. Feige spearheaded the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at Marvel Studios, but had no significant oversight of Marvel Television, which was headed by Jeph Loeb. The TV schedule and separate creative pipeline made it difficult to fully integrate shows like S.H.I.E.L.D. and Daredevil into the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline, and at a certain point Feige and the Marvel Studios folks just started ignoring those shows altogether.

What does this mean for his upcoming Star Wars project? This new role will likely see him with less time for Star Wars, but we are sure that Feige will give the GFFA the time needed to ensure success. He is a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise and it is evident that he gives his all to everything he gets involved with.

We wish Feige congratulations on his new role.
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