Kathleen Kennedy on Post-Episode IX Content, Female Star Wars Directors, & More

MTV News caught up with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy from the floor of Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019. During the brief interview, Kennedy touched on a few topics that centered around the future of the Star Wars franchise and how things could proceed as we move into a brand new era of storytelling set in the GFFA. Some of her main talking points are recapped below, but be sure to click the Twitter video embedded at the bottom of this post for the full listen.

– We could see future stories revolving around the core characters from the Sequel Trilogy. Kennedy said there will be an appropriate time to address that topic, but now is not that time as they are focusing on wrapping up the story of the Skywalker saga.
– Smaller, “grittier” stories set in the Star Wars universe could potentially be developed for the new Disney+ streaming service.
– Having a female director on board for a Star Wars title is something that is of great importance moving forward into the next decade.
– Lucasfilm is looking at established Knights of the Old Republic content as the possible impetus for future projects.
– The concept of bringing back the Emperor in some capacity in the Sequel Trilogy (he’ll be returning in The Rise of Skywalker) began as far back as when they were developing the story for The Force Awakens.

Justin LaSalata
Located in New York with his wife Dianna, Justin LaSalata is the US Editor of Jedi News responsible for reporting on all areas of Star Wars related news as well as coverage from NY Comic Con and Toy Fair NY.