Kanan’s Evolution In ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Is A Story Of Acceptance & Sacrifice

Bryan Young, of Big Shiny Robot and podcast Full of Sith, has written his latest article for the official site and looks back at the journey of Kanan over four seasons of Star Wars Rebels….

Set before the Star Wars Rebels series, John Jackson Miller’s book A New Dawn offers a glimpse of who Kanan was as a young Padawan named Caleb Dume and who he became at that point in the timeline: a drunken drifter and a hard-working freighter pilot, terrified of using the Force. This fear of displaying his Force abilities was so visceral that if he used it accidentally and anyone around him saw, he’d pack up and move to somewhere else in the galaxy immediately. The idea that Kanan would run away and ghost everyone in his life is a sharp contrast to the wizened Jedi we see in the fourth season of Rebels, a man who has embraced his destiny and proudly wields his lightsaber in the service of others.

Though he might be unrecognizable today, the Kanan we saw in A New Dawn is vital to our understanding of his evolution as he took small steps out of the hard shell he developed over the years after Order 66 as he worked to establish a life where he could survive. One of the single largest factors in Kanan’s eventual evolution was meeting Hera Syndulla during the events of this book. She put him back on the path of the Jedi, whether she knew it at the time or not. But even working with Hera, he struggled with getting close to the militarized structure of the rebellion in any way that wasn’t tangential.

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