Joseph Gordon-Levitt Defends ‘The Last Jedi’ In 2,000 Word Blog

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays Slowen-Lo in Canto Bight, took to Medium to write a 2,000 blog entry about The Last Jedi entitled A New Old Skywalker. In the piece he defends the decisions made by Rian Johnson and the fact that Luke’s character needed to go off into a new direction.

“Leaving Luke unchanged would have been a huge missed opportunity, this gives the filmmaker and the actor an extraordinary opportunity to tell a story about one of the most universal truths in human experience — getting older.”

“We all get older, and those of us who are lucky enough to survive our youth all face the joys, the terrors, the puzzles, the pitfalls, the surprises, and the inevitabilities that come along with doing so,” he continues.

“Re-meeting our beloved protagonist decades after we last saw him, only to learn that the passing years have changed some of his most fundamental qualities, I’ll admit, it’s almost hard to see.”

“But in that glaring contrast between the Luke of old and the new Old Luke, The Last Jedi offers a uniquely fascinating portrayal of a man’s life marching inescapably forward.”

The actor also praised the fact that Luke was a flawed character in the movie, adding…. “A flawed main character is one of the main distinctions between a story with substance and a gratuitous spectacle.”

Read the full piece here.
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