Jon Favreau Already Has Story, Cast Ideas For a Disney+ Star Wars Holiday Special

Back in September, Jon Favreau stated his desire to one day possibly develop a new take on the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special for distribution via the Disney+ streaming service. Fast forward to now and Favreau has elaborated a bit more on the thought of creating this project for Disney’s new DTC service as he already has thoughts on how the story would be driven and how one of the people that would be associated with the show is currently tied to his The Mandalorian live-action TV series.

“Oh I would definitely be interested in doing a holiday special,” Favreau told Variety at “The Mandalorian” fan event. “And I’m not going to say who I would be interested in. But one of the people is the member of the cast in an upcoming episode of the show. So we’ll leave it at that for now.”

When pressed to see if he was serious, the director doubled down. “I’ve been thinking about it. It’s ready, the ideas are ready. I think it could be really fun. Not as part of this, but there’s an excitement around it because it was so fun and weird, and off and not connected to what ‘Star Wars’ was in the theater. ‘The Mandalorian’ cartoon, the Boba Fett cartoon, from the holiday special was definitely a point of inspiration for what we did in the show.”

So whaddya think? Do these comments from Favreau increase the chances of a new Holiday Special seeing the light of day on Disney+? We shall see!