John Williams Begins Work On The Episode VIII Score This Month!

We interrupt the Rogue One gravy train for a moment to bring you some news that should make the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up and send a gleeful chill down your spine. Legendary composer John Williams will be starting up his work on the Episode VIII score this month as being reported by Variety.

Back in June, Williams stated his desire to continue scoring the next episodic film in the Star Wars saga after his outstanding work on The Force Awakens. A short time after that, it was revealed that Williams would in fact be getting ready to write the music for director Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII.

Williams concedes that he had hoped for greater commercial success for “The BFG,” which was deemed a box-office disappointment after its July 1 release. His next film, however, won’t be: He begins recording “Star Wars Episode VIII” in December and expects to record off and on through March or April 2017.

Justin LaSalata
Located in New York with his wife Dianna, Justin LaSalata is the US Editor of Jedi News responsible for reporting on all areas of Star Wars related news as well as coverage from NY Comic Con and Toy Fair NY.