John Knoll Has An Idea For Another ‘Star Wars’ Standalone Film

It’s widely known now that ILM’s John Knoll was the genesis behind the concept of Rogue One, the first of several planned Star Wars standalone films we will be receiving from Lucasfilm. With Rogue One becoming a blockbuster success and absolutely blowing people away in the theaters, has Knoll thought of any other story ideas that could be developed into another standalone film? Screen Rant recently chatted with Knoll at ILM during a Rogue One press event and asked him this very question.

Screen Rant visited ILM for a Rogue One press event and spoke with Knoll. When asked if he has any other stories in mind, Knoll revealed he’s making progress on his second spinoff:

“I do have one more idea that I may or may not pitch. I’ve got it about 3/4 figured out and if I can solve that last portion of it, I’ll see if Kathy’s interested. She may throw me out of her office.”

Even without knowing a single detail about his latest idea, I’m all for Knoll heading up another Star Wars standalone film.

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Justin LaSalata
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