With Team Jedi News partially still in Florida or freshly returned to their respective homes we’re still finding our feet with UK news, but thankfully our pal Kamino_ghost is on the pulse and sends us this update.

Hi Mark, just thought I’d let everyone know that John Boyega was on The One Show on BBC1 Yesterday (Thursday 20th April) to talk about his new stage play – they did talk about Star Wars and showed some of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer footage. So if you missed this programme no ‘Big Deal’ just check it out on the BBC iPlayer.

Also if you wish to watch The Last Jedi Trailer on your big screen TV – no problem as long as your a subscriber to Sky Cinema, just check out the latest edition of The Top 10 Show – after the chart rundown the new trailer is shown in the ‘coming soon’ feature. It’s 99% complete – just missing out of puff Rey & the Lucasfilm logo.

UK viewers, remember you can grab this on the BBC iPlayer for a few days.