John Boyega Confirms ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ To Start Filming This Summer

John Boyega has been chatting about Star Wars: Episode IX, and reveals a July start for the new movie which matches up with what director J.J. Abrams revealed earlier last month….

There are lots of questions still to be answered about Star Wars: Episode IX, not least whether a certain character or two will be in it. But we do know that John Boyega will be, and he’s been on the interview trail for the incoming Pacific Rim: Uprising over the past few days. The subject of Star Wars duly came up, and Boyega confirmed that filming is still a few months away.

“I don’t know a thing”, he said of the detail of the project, “but I know I start filming in July. They’re prepping and planning, JJ has a script, but I just haven’t read it yet”.

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