JJ Abrams’ Rey vs Kylo’ Commentary

Yahoo have an exclusive JJ Abrams commentary clip from The Force Awakens. The commentary will feature on a bonus disc in the 3D collectors edition and Big Sleeve Movie edition.

“I showed an early cut to my friend Ava DuVernay, and she had a bunch of great suggestions. One of them was she really wanted to see Daisy, in her attack on Ren, have one really cool moment…. Boom! It’s a little thing but it really connects you to her intensity.”

To buy the Big Sleeve edition, click the link below:

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Or for the 3-D Collectors edition, take this link:

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Paul McQue
When Paul isn't working on a ship in the North Sea he likes to travel to as many Star Wars (and LOST) events and locations as possible. He's often found roaming convention floors cosplaying as Bad Robot.