My first guest article lands over at, a look back at the UK fan experience prior to the release of A New Hope, an era more relevant than ever as we count down the dozen days to the release of Rogue One.

Can you imagine a world without Star Wars? Step back in time almost 40 years to May 24th 1977 and for the vast majority of people the greatest space fantasy of all was yet to arrive in our galaxy. A day later, that was an entirely different matter. Thirty-two screens across North America quietly rolled out this little fancied sci-fi film from 20thCentury Fox, directed by the movie brat behind American Graffiti and starring a journeyman carpenter turned actor, the daughter of Hollywood royalty, a Hammer horror star, an Oscar winning lord of the realm and the blond kid from General Hospital. These days it’s easy to smile at those innocent days when the earth-shaking success of Star Wars was yet to be confirmed. Back then it was serious business – careers, reputations and positions were on the line.