Jedi Vs Sith: Which Costs More To Join?

Here at, if there is one thing you can say about us it’s that we are a bunch of Star Wars geeks. Not a day goes by without someone playing a Jedi Mind trick on an unsuspecting team member. Coffee cups fly out of hands as Lightsabers light up the kitchen, and eyes are nearly lost as missiles are blasted across the IT Department as X-Wings and Tie Fighters duke it out in vicious dog fights. But the great divide is which side are you on? And we’re not just talking Sales vs Marketing oh no – we’re talking Light or Dark.

And, as well as acting like school children that never grew out of their favourite films, we are also very fond of saving money. It’s our own mission against the Dark Forces of Crippling Debt.

So, in honour of Star Wars Day (and with it being a Friday), we put the two things together and worked out which side would cost the most money to join; The Dark Side or The Light Side?

In the end it looks like honour costs money. But will you sell your soul to evil just to save some cash?