Jedi News Review: Star Wars Rebels: Rebel Resolve

In what feels like the second act of a three-part season finale, our rebels attempt to rescue Kanan against the orders of Hera and ultimately the mysterious Fulcrum. Who better to put their faith in than the always even-keeled astromech Chopper. This one should be fun.


Aaron:Last episode left us hanging, wondering about the fate of Kanan after he was captured by the Imperials. This episode starts out with the team trying to gather data which they hope will lead to his location. The computer inside an AT-DP walker might not be the most logical place to start looking, but it sure makes for a fun action scene. This opening sequence brought back memories of Return of the Jedi with Zeb playing the role of Chewbacca and Ezra the Ewok as they took control of the Imperial vehicle.

Fulcrum makes another appearance and this time we get more than the voice. We get to see an actual hologram of the character.. or maybe someone posing as them. This time the voice sounded very female. I didn’t go back and listen to the previous time we heard the voice but this time it sounded distinctly different to me. The popular opinion is that Fulcrum is Ahsoka and I tend to agree. If that is the case they are definitely trying to throw us off with that hologram because I don’t see how her headtails would fit so nicely under that hood. Teresa: This particular episode opened up very weakly for me. I personally did not enjoy the AT-DP walker scene and it just gave the episode a slow feel. However, in this scene we see true concern, care and dedication by our grumpy little droid. This was the first time that I can remember seeing him strongly dedicated to his crew and team. The story for this episode centers around Ezra being convinced Kanan is alive and not resting until he finds him. The interesting thing to me is we see Ezra acting in a very non-jedi way where in a cool twist we see Hera acting very much as a Jedi would. What do I mean by this? Well let me explain.

The Jedi are supposed to not have attachments and they are trained to put the mission and objectives first. This is what Hera does even though you can tell her heart wants to do something else. She instead heeds the mysterious Fulcrum’s advice and does as she is asked to do…or told.

Overall as the story continues we get to see a little defiance as the crew because I truly believe they see each other as more than just a crew, there is a family there. It will be interesting to see what the crew chooses to do as we head into the season finale.


Aaron: This was a big episode for Ezra because it showed a glimpse into how he can handle himself without Kanan. He was upset that his master was captured but he didn’t let it defeat him. He was determined to rescue Kanan even if it meant directly disobeying Hera. Ezra acted with confidence and was the one to come up with the plan that ultimately located Kanan. Of course he had some major help from Chopper.

Oh Chopper. That droid is straight up crazy. He always seems to steal the scenes he is in, but this episode was the standout episode for him this season. I think it might be the more human tone to his vocalizations or the fact that he has two arms to gesture with, but Chopper conveys much more emotion than other non-verbal droids in Star Wars. I dare say even more than R2-D2. You could really feel sadness from him this episode and a determination to save Kanan.

Teresa: This episode for me fell a little flat for all of the characters except Hera and Chopper. We got to see another side to Hera one that was dealing with an inner struggle. I think she is strong and knows what needs to be done for the missions however, I don’t think she ever thought she would lose Kanan. I do think however that we get to see the true level of her feelings for Kanan at this time. I point this out simply because of all my friends that are convinced Kera is a thing. I personally believe there is a deep connection between the two and we get to see that in Hera’s sadness but she is also practical and I think she truly trusts Kanan’s decision. I also think Kanan knows Hera will not sacrifice everything to come and get him. These two have one of the most grown up and mature relationships that I have ever seen in Star Wars and on a cartoon in general…maybe even on TV.

Chopper was definitely the standout in this episode but when does he not steal the show? He had some very human reactions and I swear his dialogue is beginning to sound like he is actually talking. Aaron makes a good point that Chopper shows emotions more than any other droid we have seen and yes that does mean even more than R2 ( I still love you buddy!). There are a few lines that Chopper has in this episode that you can feel his sadness, his excitement and his confidence simply by the sounds he emits, and it is very clear he is saying certain words. I am loving his growth but now I really want his backstory!.

Outstanding Moments

Aaron: The secret is out. One of the key moments in this episode is the revelation that Kanan and Ezra are Jedi. We already knew. The crew already knew, but this is the first time a member of the crew has shared the information with someone on the outside. I really liked this scene. Ezra took a chance and it paid off. It will be interesting to see if this decision ends up having some negative consequences in the future.

As usual Chopper steals the show. We got to see him not only fly but also rocket boost through space. At the end of the episode we get a scene where the crew decides to keep the data droid which Zeb has grown fond of. Chopper wasn’t having any of that and kicks the poor droid out of the open bay door. I had a moment of shock that he did it, but Zeb summed it up nicely by saying, “We should have seen that coming.” I was relieved to see the droid survived the fall and met some new friends.

Teresa: For me all the outstanding moments had to do with Chopper. Well there was also one scene with Kanan but overall Chopper was my favorite. Chopper can fly first of all and he has an amazing thruster and superb control over his flight abilities. When he rockets through space singing was one of the best moments in the entire series so far. We get to see Lothcats again and very much like Tonka and Razor from TMNT 2 secret of the ooze they go very “mama” on the poor imperial droid that lands in their midst. I think they will adopt him and call him their squishie.

Kanan has a wonderful scene where he is being tortured and he simply does not budge and you can tell this resilience is beginning to disturb Governor Tarkin. Why else would he want to take him to Mustafar?

Favorite Quotes


  • “I can’t guarantee that.” – Vizago
    “That’s pretty typical for you.” – Ezra
  • “I’m starting to like you much better than our regular droid.” – Zeb
  • “I’m proud of you. You stepped up and took the lead. Kanan has taught you well.” – Hera
    “So have you.” – Ezra


  • “If you are caught, if Ezra is caught, that hope will die.” – Fulcrum
  • “Were they orders or more like her opinion?” – Sabine
  • “I see…I see…you…growing more and more frustrated.” – Kanan

Next week we will get the season finale and for the first time this season everyone will have to wait to watch it together when it airs Monday March 2nd. I think we can expect the reveal of Fulcrum as well as some surprises. We do know that Darth Vader will be appearing in this episode and we also know that Bail Organa will return in the season finale.

Do you think we should find out who Fulcrum is or should we have to wait a while? Who do you think Fulcrum is? Let us know your thoughts on any of our reviews by emailing us at

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