Jedi News Review: Star Wars Rebels: Fire Across The Galaxy

Star Wars Rebels kept getting better with every episode. The season finale continued that trend. Somehow they packed everything we could have wanted from a finale into just 22 minutes. Season 2 can’t come fast enough!

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched “Fire Across the Galaxy” yet.


Aaron: After last episode we were left still wondering how the crew was going to rescue Kanan. After a trailer and a posed question “Who will fall?” some of us wondered if he would be rescued at all. Well the crew had a plan and it started with Sabine blowing some stuff up. I swear I had seen this scene before. I’m not sure if it was shown as a preview clip at some point or if it was just very similar to a scene from another episode. Also Sabine’s gymnast-like abilities were something we hadn’t seen before.

With a stolen ship in their possession, the crew heads to Mustafar to go find their Jedi friend. I liked how they tied in the stolen TIE fighter from Fighter Flight into the story. And now we know what Ezra was presumably doing with Sabine at the beginning of Path of the Jedi I’m guessing helping her paint the fighter. Nice call-backs to previous episodes.

I was a little disappointed that we went all the way to Mustafar to end up only staying in orbit. It would have been nice to have some of the action happen down on the planet. But my disappointment quickly faded as we were given an amazing lightsaber battle, an unexpected character death, and some really big and hopefully meaningful character appearances.

Teresa: What can I say, this was a jam packed episode with so much to talk about. I could break this episode down piece by piece and still not get it all covered. So I am simply going to say here that every Star Wars fan will love this season finale. It has space battles, lightsaber battles, major character reveals, emotion that makes you scared for your heroes, ups, downs, laughs and well…everything.

I don’t have many criticisms other than why was it not longer and can I please get more Ahsoka? I am also regretting not getting the Her Universe Ahsoka Lives T-Shirt when I had the chance. Ebay anyone?

Just watch the episode you will love it!


Aaron: This was a great episode for all the characters with maybe Zeb getting the least time in the spotlight. It was interesting to see Hera show even more concern for Kanan than usual. When he showed back up on the ship you could see it all over her face how much she cares for him. I totally thought they were going to kiss there at the end.

Kanan reminded me why he is my favorite character. I loved the lightsaber battle of course, but more than that I loved his dialogue with the Inquisitor and his reaction when he thought Ezra had died. Kanan finally faced the Inquisitor without fear and showed his true power. He also showed restraint when he had the chance to kill the Inquisitor which makes sense for his character, but I admit I was kind of hoping he would have a dark moment and just kill the guy.

The reveal of Fulcrum. I think we all kind of guessed it would be Ahsoka but I still got ridiculously excited when she came down that ladder. I love her outfit and according to Dave Filoni she now has new white lightsabers which is awesome. There was a lack of familiarity with how she looked and talked which threw me off a bit. Ashley Eckstein is still voicing the character but she changed the tone so much I had a hard time telling it was her. And Ahsoka’s face just didn’t look right to me. I know she’s much older. I’m sure I’ll get used to the new look.

I really hope Ahsoka plays a big role in the future of the show and doesn’t just show up in a couple episodes next season.

Teresa: Ahsoka Ahsoka Ahsoka! Did you hear me? Yes I said AHSOKA! The return of one of my favorite Star Wars characters of all time has happened and I am over the moon excited about it. She is also voiced by someone that I admire and respect on so many levels, the lovely Ashley Eckstein. Now there are a few things that I will say here. Her voice sounds different and she looks very different. After watching Rebels Recon I know why they changed her look, her lightsabers and her armor, however I would love more information on what the deal is with her voice. She definitely sounds older which is what I am sure they were going for, but she does not quite sound like the Ahsoka that I know. I am sure I will adjust to it over time just like I will adjust to her change in head tail design, facial markings and outfit (which I am in love with). I agree with what Aaron states above in that I hope Ahsoka is a big part of next season.

As for the rest of our crew, well they blew me away. They all had an equal role in the episode and Kanan for the first time showed me that he is who I believe he is, a strong jedi with the ability to be the master and not the padawan anymore. I have been waiting for this moment all season and it finally happened.

There were so many moments for our characters and I think they all shined brightly. I really cannot wait to see what becomes of everyone in season 2 and who we will meet next.

Outstanding Moments

Aaron: Too many amazing moments to list here.. but I’ll try.

When Chopper first saw Fulcrum’s face in the hologram I swear he said “Ah-so-ka.”

The lightsaber battle was amazing. I know it was similar to the famous battle from The Phantom Menace but I was ok with that. This was by far the best saber battle of the series. Kanan igniting two lightsabers to face the Inquisitor gave me chills.

The Inquisitor’s death. I didn’t think they would do it but they did. What was he referring to when he said there were worse things than death? Vader?

I loved the moment when Chopper shows up with the Rebel fleet. One of the rebel ships literally rams and destroys a TIE fighter like it was nothing. So cool.

Teresa: There were so many moments for me that just made go oooo and ahhhh, so where to start. First of all we got to see some amazing acrobatics and a fabulous explosion that took the shape of the firebird. Well done Sabine! Sabine has another awesome moment when we get to see her painted TIE fighter that Ezra and Zeb had hidden.

As we moved forward in the episode there were many brilliant moments but I will only list a few here. Obviously the reveal of Fulcrum has been on many people’s minds and we finally got that reveal with Ahsoka coming down the ladder. I have to admit I had a #FangirlFlail moment when this happened. It is like all I have ever wanted from Star Wars came true in this episode. In addition to this we saw an unexpected end to the Inquisitor. This was an outstanding moment to me because I think it will define some things for Kanan as we move forward.

Another oh my gosh moment was when we saw all the Rebel ships come out of hyperspace and save the crew. It was a perfect moment that gave me all the right warm and fuzzies.

Favorite Quotes


  • “There are some things far more frightening than death.” – The Inquisitor
  • “That’s not regulation.” – Stormtrooper #1
    “I kind of like it.” – Stormtrooper #2


  • “Wait…we are a cell?…Did you know that?”-Ezra
  • “One chapter has closed for you Ezra Bridger. This is a new day, a new beginning”-Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum)
  • “Bye-Bye Bucketheads”- Sabine

We are both very excited to see where the story goes in the second season and what will happen to the crew. We have also noticed that in this one episode Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan were both introduced to the show only now they are on opposite sides. How will that play out and does Ahsoka know who is inside the suit? Will they meet again? There are so many questions and lots of places to travel to. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention The Ghost gets to leave Lothal now! Oh the places they could go.

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