Rebels Review: Star Wars Rebels: Call To Action

This episode of Star Wars Rebels gave us the return of Grand Moff Tarkin voiced by none other than The Clone Wars veteran Stephen Stanton. They kept us on the edge of our seats with another exciting story and left us with a cliffhanger that has me really anticipating the next couple episodes.

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched “Call to Action” yet.


If it wasn’t enough that this episode featured pretty much every Imperial we have seen so far.. Kallus, Aresko, Grint, Minister Tua, and the Inquisitor.. they also threw in Grand Moff Tarkin. The appearance of arguably the third most important Imperial shows that our rebels are starting to catch the attention of the Empire. It was interesting to hear Tarkin talk about other rebel cells and his fear of them starting to unite. I would love to learn more about these other cells and maybe even see the crew of the Ghost come up against one of them at some point.

This episode let us see other ways the rebels can make an impact other than stealing and blowing things up. I liked the change of pace. I mean they still blew stuff up, but this time the ultimate plan was to spread the word about people standing up against the Empire by using the Empire’s own broadcast tower. Good plan, and it surprisingly came from Kanan. I would expect this type of plan to maybe come from Hera.

It seems like this story will be continued in the next episode since we were left with Kanan being captured. We weren’t given the dramatic “to be continued” like we got earlier in the season, but my guess is the next episode will give us some resolution on the fate of Kanan. I remember early speculation, before the season even started, that Kanan would die early in the series. I hope that doesn’t happen. He’s too good of a character.


After two episodes of getting into the action, Hera was mostly back in the cockpit for this one. Which is fine. She is the pilot. And a damn good pilot. I loved how she flew in to save the day when the Imperials thought they had the crew captured. The only crew member she couldn’t save was Kanan, and you could see how hard it was for her to leave him behind. But at the end of the day she is strong enough to make the tough decision for the good of what they are all fighting for.

We got a lot of Kanan and Ezra as usual. Sabine probably got the most screen time other than those two. It seems like the more action is in an episode, the more we see of Sabine. She is a character I am slowly starting to like more.

It was interesting to see the Inquisitor really take a back seat to Tarkin in this episode. We are so used to seeing him as the dominant villain of the series that is odd to see him taking orders and being talked down to. It reminded me of how Vader seemed to be taking orders from Tarkin in A New Hope. Tarkin wields a lot of power in this Empire.

Outstanding Moments

We can label this under shocking moment. Poor Aresko and Grint. I never saw this one coming. I guess this is the price you pay for failing the Empire and also being the least important bad guys. I’m not sure if the scene was designed to show the ruthlessness of Tarkin or the Inquisitor, but wow was it effective.

The other outstanding moment for me was Ezra broadcasting the message of rebellion. It showed how much the crew believes in him that they would allow him to be the one to do this. His speech was sincere and powerful and might have given me chills.

Favorite Quotes

  • “That’s a crazy plan.” – Ezra
    “That’s why you like it.” – Kanan
  • “Ok, it’s touching when you two bond, but I’m betting that probe has friends, so let’s move it.” – Sabine
  • “Zeb, come on. Kanan wants us to move.” – Ezra
    “But I like this gun!” – Zeb
Aaron Goins
Aaron has been active in the Star wars fan community for a number of years and has featured on a variety of sites and podcasts including Star Wars Bookworms with Teresa Delgado and Star Scavengers with Johnamarie Macias.