Rebels Review: Star Wars Rebels: Breaking Ranks


Aaron: This episode gives us yet another Ezra focused story. Probably the most Ezra focused so far. As much as I want to learn more about other characters, I think I need to come to grips with the fact that he is the main character, and more often than not, he will be playing a big part in these stories.

There were themes in this episode that really reminded me of episodes of The Clone Wars. Ezra going undercover as a cadet brought back memories of “Death Trap” where young Boba Fett also went undercover. The challenge the cadets were faced with also reminded me of the episodes “Clone Cadets” and “The Box.” I was a little disappointed by how familiar this episode seemed. I would have liked to see something a little more original from Rebels.

Overall I did like the story. It was nice to see Ezra being trusted to go out on a mission on his own. We were also introduced to some characters we have previously seen in the Rebels Visual Guide but had yet to see on screen. Specifically Zare, Commandant Aresko, and Taskmaster Grint. It was great to get another appearance of the Inquisitor and find out about other methods he is using to find potential Force users.


Aaron: I’m beginning to appreciate Ezra more as a character and am starting to see the potential of where he can go. In this episode we got to see him in a different light. Other episodes have focused on his interactions with Zeb or Kanan, but here we got to see how he handles himself on his own. Kanan has definitely built a bond with him as was evidenced by how worried he was for Ezra’s safety.

Chopper, Zeb, and Sabine all played very minor roles but each had great moments.

I loved the scenes with Kanan and Hera. They’re interactions are always entertaining. The space battle they were involved in looked amazing and it was nice to see Hera showing off her superior piloting skills.

The new character of Zare Leonis has me intrigued. He is a character that has his own junior novel series, and it will be interesting to see if we get more of him in the series or if he was shown here simply to garner interest in the books. I liked his character and really want to know more about who his sister is. Is she possibly Force sensitive? Could that be why the Inquisitor took her? Could make for some very interesting future stories either in television or novel form.

Side note: The voice of the character Jai Kell, one of the cadets, really stuck out to me the whole episode. I was happy to see in the credits he was voiced by Dante Basco who I knew from the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender (loved that show!). He also played Rufio in a little movie called Hook.

Outstanding Moments

Aaron: I really enjoyed the scene where Ezra and Zare were working together to steal the decoder from Kallus’ office. Zare doesn’t believe Ezra that he is a Jedi in training, and then to see the Zare’s face when he witnessed Ezra using the Force, was priceless. Also the excuse Zare used to go to Kallus’ office. “Your podracer parts have been delivered.” Very humorous and a nice nod to a Prequel Era element.

The use of Zeb, Sabine, and Chopper at the end was also well done. They each had really cool moments. Zeb with his sniper shots, Sabine with her amazing take-down of two troopers, and finally Chopper getting the trooper who was about to shoot Ezra in the back. I was cheering for all of them.

Favorite Quotes


  • ““Don’t worry. I’ve been training to be a Jedi.” – Ezra
    “Yeah right. Who isn’t?” – Zare
  • “No grumpy robots, no smelly Lasats. It’s good to be back.” – Ezra
Aaron Goins
Aaron has been active in the Star wars fan community for a number of years and has featured on a variety of sites and podcasts including Star Wars Bookworms with Teresa Delgado and Star Scavengers with Johnamarie Macias.