J.J. Abrams Talks Returning to Direct Episode IX, Replacing Colin Trevorrow

In an interview conducted with Fast Company, director J.J. Abrams spoke about coming back to our beloved GFFA as the director for Episode IX and the conclusion to the Skywalker saga after reigniting it with 2015’s The Force Awakens. Abrams touches on what it was like replacing Colin Trevorrow on the project as well as the time schedule he had to operate under as the new head of the film’s production. Check out the intro to the interview copied below and then take the supplied source link for the full read.

The currently-untitled Episode IX wrapped principal photography in February and thankfully will not remain without an official title reveal (an accompanying trailer/footage) for much longer with the Episode IX panel scheduled for Friday, April 12 at Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019.

Episode IX lands in theaters on December 20.

Fast Company: How does it feel to be back after being away so many months filming Star Wars: Episode IX?

J.J. Abrams: It’s great for me—especially, and I said this at the [all-hands] meeting, just to see all these faces. Some people [at the company] were here just when I was leaving, they just got here, and then a ton of people have shown up since I’ve been away. So to come back to this home, business home, professional home, and have a fairly high percentage of the people be brand new faces, it’s a surreal thing. Of course. I’ve known about it intellectually. I was prepared for it. But you show up, and all of a sudden there are these like flesh and blood people with life experiences and points of view and like, I’ll hear things before so I’ll kind of know a little bit about everyone, and then they’re all the interns, too. And then to get to see them in person and feel like, wow, this is really . . . Katie (McGrath, Abrams’s wife and co-CEO of Bad Robot) and all the department heads and Brian (Weinstein, Bad Robot’s president and COO), they’ve done such a good job bolstering the team, and it’s great to come back. I mean, obviously, the simple answer is, I’m just happy to see my family again. It’s been so long.