J.J. Abrams Addresses Kylo Ren’s Repaired Helmet in The Rise of Skywalker

At last week’s Force Friday reveal event at Pinewood Studios we got to see Kylo Ren’s repaired helmet, and in the Empire interview with director J.J. Abrams he confirmed a theory about the helmet, referencing the Japanese art of Kintsugi, known as Kintsukuroi.

“Having him be masked, but also fractured, is a very intentional thing,” Abrams said, as per an excerpt on Reddit. “Like that classic Japanese process of taking ceramics and repairing them, and how the breaks in a way define the beauty of the piece as much as the original itself. As fractured as Ren is, the mask becomes a visual representation of that. There’s something about this that tells his history. His mask doesn’t ultimately hide him and his behaviour is revealed.”

This concept defines the “scars” as a dual-symbol of fragility and strength, perhaps signifying Ren’s internal battle in the next film, as co-writer Chris Terrio has revealed that the character’s complicated relationship with Rey is only set to grow deeper in The Rise of Skywalker.

“Some of the most interesting scenes in The Last Jedi are the conversations between Rey and Ren,” Terrio told Empire. “We’ve tried to pick up that complicated relationship that really has been present ever since the interrogation in Episode VII.

“When Ren takes off the mask, there’s a nakedness about him with Rey that he doesn’t express to anyone else,” he continued, underscoring the importance of the mask in their complex connection. “Rian developed that in fascinating ways and we’ve been able to develop it even further.”

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