GIF Provides A Look At Paul Bettany’s ‘Solo’ Character Dryden Vos

Actor Paul Bettany will be appearing in Ron Howard’s Solo: A Star Wars Story as a character named Dryden Vos who has been described as a crime lord/boss. The name of Bettany’s character was revealed to fans as part of Entertainment Weekly’s exclusive coverage of Solo back in February.

The official ILM Twitter account posted this quick GIF about an hour ago of an all black-clad Vos, well… pointing his finger at someone in a sort of “you listen to me” or “you’d better not do that” type of manner. Who is he directing this authoritative hand gesture towards? Han? Qi’ra? Who knows!

Being that I’ve avoided watching any of the footage released for Solo, I do not know if this is a brand new shot of Vos or if it has been included in the TV spot and/or either of the film’s two trailers that have been released by Lucasfilm to date.