Based on the comments below made by director Gareth Edwards in this article posted on the Disney Rewards website (by way of Comic Book), it sounds like Alan Tudyk’s mo-cap Imperial security droid K-2SO is going to be quite the funny man (machine?) in Rogue One when it lands next month. As we already know, the overall tone of the film will be that of a war story, so apparently the humor portrayed on screen by K-2SO will be a notable change of pace.

“Alan had to wear this rather silly-looking outfit with dots on it while we were filming, and he always felt like the uncool guy on the set surrounded by actors in super cool costumes. I would tell him, ‘Alan, don’t worry. You’re going to steal every scene you’re in.’ And I was right. Once we put the robot overlay in, he was fantastic. He brings a lot of humor to the film.”