Yesterday’s article from Entertainment Weekly contained several interesting pieces of information from Kathleen Kennedy and Kiri Hart, two highly prominent figures at Lucasfilm. One aspect of the article that we wanted to shed some additional light on was the topic of future Star Wars standalone films and how they might deviate from having a connection to any previous film/event in the saga’s official timeline.

Kiri Hart offered the following comments on this topic:

Rogue One felt like a great beginning for because they know about the Death Star plans. They know the things that happened in A New Hope,” she says. “So it had those familiar elements, those anchor points, but it also was about a completely new set of characters. So it felt like a really good template for the kinds of things that we feel these movies can do.”

If all goes according to Rogue One’s plan, future stand-alones won’t have to lean against events from previous films. “I think that that’s exciting for fans,” Kennedy adds. “It’s certainly exciting as a filmmaker, the notion that we can explore these stories that genuinely have a beginning, middle and an end, and don’t necessarily have to tie into something specific.”