Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive first look at one of the deleted scenes titled “Han Solo: Imperial Cadet” that did not make the final theatrical version of Solo: A Star Wars Story. This scene is part of the assortment of bonus content that has been revealed for the second Star Wars standalone film. Check out their supplied video below and be sure to browse through the Related Articles section located at the bottom of this post for more on the home media release for Solo.

Solo is set to land on Blu-ray September 25 here in the US and one day sooner in the UK. For those fans who want their Solo home media fix a little bit sooner, the film lands on digital HD September 14 in the US and September 17 in the UK.

In the new clip from Solo, Alden Ehrenreich’s version of the galactic scoundrel disobeys a superior’s order to eject from his crippled TIE Fighter, choosing to crash-land the smoking, out-of-control craft instead.