A select group of media members were treated to the first 13 minutes of footage from The Last Jedi during a press event that was held in Tokyo. IGN was at the event and posted their (non-spoiler) impression of what was seen within those 13 minutes on their site:

Disney and Lucasfilm held a special screening in Tokyo to show members of the media the first 13 minutes of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. IGN Japan’s chief editor Daniel Robson was among those who got to see the footage, and based on his impressions, it’s quite intense.

“The opening scene is a real rush – the film kicks into bombastic action fast, and there is some humor in there too,” Robson said on Twitter. He also had an opportunity to speak to Rian Johnson about the footage and said The Last Jedi director told him the film’s opening “sets the tone for the whole movie.”

Get ready to experience the excitement for yourself in mere days!