The issue of who is Rey’s mother and father has been a hot topic of discussion ever since we learned that she would be the lead character in 2015’s The Force Awakens. Now that she has tapped into her natural connection to the Force and wants to learn how to hone those skills from the Jedi Master himself Luke Skywalker, the story of Rey is set to expand even further in The Last Jedi.

Entertainment Weekly spoke with director Rian Johnson and actress Daisy Ridley on the importance of viewers knowing the history of Rey’s parentage in their latest exclusive article covering Episode VIII. How important is the revelation of her parents? Is the fan community making too much out of a relatively insignificant detail?

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Rey’s family has become the “Rosebud” of Star Wars: Who are they? What’s their significance? How will that revelation shape her destiny?

The mystery was introduced in The Force Awakens when Daisy Ridley’s desert scavenger touched the ancestral Skywalker lightsaber and saw a series of visions, including a starship abandoning a much younger version of herself on the junkyard world of Jakku.

Now, The Last Jedi will finally resolve the question that fans have been debating for two years.