EW Secrets Of ‘The Last Jedi’ Focuses On BB-9E

Just when we thought Entertainment Weekly had wrapped up their coverage of The Last Jedi (our roundup of their articles can be found right here), Anthony Breznican returns with his awesome “Secrets of” video segment. His debut piece for Episode VIII takes a look at the new spherical First Order droid known as BB-9E, who also has been referred to as the “evil twin” of our lovable BB-8. Check out the comments from Star Wars creature shop head Neal Scanlan that he made about BB-9E and then be sure to take the supplied source link for the full read.

“BB-8 has this huge personality and this huge heart, but you know, in a sense, I’ve always found it to have a sort of slightly manipulative quality,” says Neal Scanlan, head of the Star Wars creature shop. “With BB-9E, we go back to literally the cold First Order sort of Empire version of what a BB unit might be. This was much more cold, calculative, much more direct.”