EW Secrets Of ‘The Last Jedi’: The Canto Bight Police Speeders

Next up for ace reporter Anthony Breznican in his “Secrets of” video series for The Last Jedi is a look at the speeder bikes driven by members of the Canto Bight law enforcement division. When you mix currency with the greedy nature of a casino city like Canto Bight, you know the local police will need whatever advantage they can get for keeping order among the patrons.

Anthony’s piece from yesterday touched on the new First Order droid designated as BB-9E that will be debuting in Episode VIII next month. Check out an excerpt from his latest article below and be sure to take the supplied source link for the full read and accompanying video.

Every Star Wars world has its own version of a speeder. On the desert worlds of Tatooine and Jakku, the vehicles are battered rust buckets that look a lot more like tractors than race cars.

In the Cloud City of Bespin, the skies are patrolled by twin-pod cloud cars, which are clearly a much ritzier class of vehicle.

And in The Last Jedi’s casino city of Canto Bight, the local security forces ride in odd-looking, fragile contraptions that resemble personal helicopters crossed with a mall cop’s Segway.