Continuing to expand on the awesome videos he released for The Force Awakens, Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican provides us with a look at the new Imperial TIE Striker vehicle that will be part of the new collection of ships we will be seeing in Rogue One this December. Check out his latest video via the supplied link and stay tuned as EW will be releasing more dedicated Rogue One videos ahead of the film’s theatrical debut.

You know the traditional bowtie shaped TIE Fighters, but Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will introduce fans to a whole new make and model — the fang-shaped TIE Striker.

Using one of the new Hasbro toys as a model, I walk through what we know so far about this previously unseen weapon of the Imperial war machine.

Although old-school TIEs definitely can fly within planetary atmospheres, they’re not ideal for that purpose. The mythological tech of Star Wars suggests those vertical, solar array wings are great for space, but the flat, pointed wings of Strikers are specially designed for screaming through environments of denser air and clouds.

The Striker also has a larger central pod, which is useful for shuttling materials as well as personnel. That’s why we’ll see these vehicles in action primarily on Scarif, the tropical world used by the Empire as a base of operations for the construction of the Death Star.