Next up in Entertainment Weekly series of Rogue One behind-the-scenes videos (their first article posted back on October 31 covered the new TIE Striker vehicle) is a look at Alan Tudyk’s motion capture droid K-2SO and some of the insight that went into the final design of the character. Check out the intro below and then be sure to take the provided source link for the full read as well as Anthony Breznican’s included video.

We’ve seen plenty of droids in the Star Wars universe, but none like the redemption-seeking Imperial security robot K-2SO in next month’s Rogue One.

Although… we’ve met his cousins.

The character, Kaytoo to his friends, is part of the Rebel team trying to steal the original Death Star plans in the film (out Dec. 16), and he was brought to life by actor Alan Tudyk using performance capture technology. This freed the design from having to make room for a flesh-and-blood human within the metal framework, allowing Kaytoo to take on a much taller and more skeletal shape.