In their latest piece leading up to the release of Rogue One in theaters next month, Entertainment Weekly spent some time chatting with the standalone film’s award-winning composer Michael Giacchino. As you may recall, it was announced back in September that Giacchino would be replacing Alexandre Desplat on the project. During the interview with EW, Giacchino spoke about the process of scoring Rogue One, what inspired him in the musical choices he made, and much more.

Giacchino spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about Rogue One last month, so we’re including a link to that article as well here in case you missed it initially.

Fans also know him for his swelling scores to the Medal of Honor and Call of Duty video games, and he’s a lifelong geek whose studio is stacked with memorabilia, collectibles, and action figures from comic book and sci-fi history. Next up for him: the music to Spider-Man: Homecoming.

In between Doctor Strange and Spidey, Giacchino was supposed to have a brief break. But instead, he found himself rushing into another galaxy. He just finished recording music for the Star Wars movie two weeks ago. In between sessions, he spoke to EW about the breakneck project.