During an episode of The Star Wars Show that aired last month, Lucasfilm’s Doug Chiang revealed an assortment of U-wing concept images that the team poured over before selecting the final design for Rogue One‘s new fighter. Entertainment Weekly provides us with more information on this fighter in their latest piece and accompanying video by Anthony Breznican.

This is the second article from EW that focuses on a new vehicle from Rogue One as they released a piece on the Imperial TIE Striker back on October 31.

Step aboard the U-wing fighter, the newest Star Wars starship — but one with a retro vibe.

Rogue One is set just before the events in 1977’s Star Wars, so the machines of galactic battle needed to look similar to that era. Director Gareth Edwards also wanted something fresh, which led to the creation of this hybrid starship.

The U-wing is completely new to the Star Wars universe, but some of its pieces may look familiar, having been cribbed from previous aerial designs.