Empire Posts New ‘Solo’ Images Of Han & Dryden Vos

Empire has posted two exclusive images from director Ron Howard’s upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story standalone film. The first image features our hero Han Solo in mid-heist hanging on for dear life along the side of the Conveyex while the second image sees new character Dryden Vos (played by Paul Bettany) peering intently at someone or something.

And as for the character seen standing next to Vos? Well…

Scroll down for each supplied image (click for a closer look) and a bit of text from each respective article. Empire’s Solo issue (we’ve already seen their subscriber cover) is set to arrive later this week.

Han Solo:

The sequence has been teased in the trailers for the latest non-Skywalker entry in the Star Wars universe, and promises a different kind of action to the usual epic battles and lightsaber duels. “Part of the challenge is to come up with new, inventive kinds of action we haven’t seen in Star Wars,” Solo co-writer Jonathan Kasdan told Empire. “We often referenced Heat and Thief as high-end criminals doing serious jobs that involve huns and big hijackings.”

Dryden Vos:

Vos is being touted as Solo’s main villain, a facially-scarred “big-shot” criminal overlord who recruits a crew of reprobates for a heist. The character was originally portrayed by Michael K. Williams back when Phil Lord and Chris Miller were directing, but is now portrayed by Bettany in Ron Howard’s film.