Empire Magazine Exclusive Images of Finn, Jannah, and Zorii Bliss From The Rise of Skywalker

(Photo credit: Daniel Boczarski)

Empire Magazine continues their exclusive coverage of next month’s The Rise of Skywalker with two new images from the film. The first photo includes John Boyega’s Finn and new character Jannah played by actress Naomi Ackie together looking quite concerned in the cockpit of an aircraft. The second photo features Keri Russell’s mysterious helmeted character Zorii Bliss with one of her blasters drawn at the ready.

Earlier peeks at Episode IX from Empire Magazine included a shot of some Sith Troopers and our band of heroes on a mission together. Click each image below for a closer look.

First up is Naomi Ackie as Jannah, seen above with Finn, the leader of a warrior tribe on the moon of Kef Bir where the remains of the Death Star destroyed at the end of Return Of The Jedi crashed. “Jannah’s story links her up with the characters in a really interesting way,” Ackie teases to Empire in the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker issue. “She has her own backstory, which makes her very invested in the fight. She has this fierce warrior nature, but a soft centre. There’s a part of her that is seeking connection with people, trying to build a family.”

Also joining the fray this time is Zorii Bliss, played by firm J.J. Abrams favourite Keri Russell. As a Spice Runner on the ice planet Kijimi, she’s no clear-cut goodie – but can be seen in the trailers journeying alongside the Resistance. “There was this female character when J.J. was young – I think it was in Speed Racer or something,” Russell tells Empire. “She rode a motorbike and had this helmet. He goes, ‘I could never see her face and I was always obsessed with what she looked like.’ That was the genesis of this character, because he always wanted to know who she was.”