Empire Magazine: Decisions Made in Episode VIII Benefited The Rise of Skywalker

In continuing their exclusive coverage of next month’s The Rise of Skywalker, Empire Magazine has singled out some generalized quotes from director J.J. Abrams on how the decisions made by Rian Johnson in The Last Jedi have had a positive effect on the production and development of Episode IX. Again, the quotes from Abrams copied below do not reveal anything specific in terms of Episode VIII influencing the direction of Episode IX, but they are worth a quick read nonetheless.

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Photo: Sith Troopers prepare for battle
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Photo: Finn, Jannah, and Zorii Bliss

“Even some of the things that happened in Episode VIII that at the time I thought, ‘Oh, that’s an interesting choice I would not have made,’ weirdly ended up being beneficial for this film,” he tells Empire in the upcoming Star Wars issue. “I feel like we’re doing the best we can to sort of excavate what is inevitable. Some of the things I like the most wouldn’t have happened if I had to make all those decisions back when we were doing VII. Certain things that happened in Rian’s film, and certainly all the films that preceded VII, were all inspiration for the cocktail that became Rise Of Skywalker.”