Actress Emilia Clarke, who portrays the new character Qi’ra in Solo: A Star Wars Story, recently spoke with Variety about what the process was like when Lucasfilm decided to part ways with co-directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord and hand the Solo project over to Ron Howard. Check out what she had to say via the YouTube video embedded below.

Howard, the Oscar-winning director of “A Beautiful Mind,” had no time to prep, Clarke said, but on his first day he immediately earned the trust of his cast and crew.

“He took us all in and listened to everyone,” said Clarke, adding, “He took us from this kind of ‘what are we doing’ to a place of such ease and comfort and fun.”

During an hour-long talk as part of the Kering Women in Motion talks, Clarke didn’t say what happened to lead to Lord and Miller’s firing, but the duo’s improvisation-heavy style was reportedly alienating some actors and led to clashes with LucasFilm head Kathleen Kennedy. She did allude to substantial re-shoots, saying that her response when she’d revisit certain scenes was, “Yes, thank goodness. I did not do that well.”