Donald Faison and Bobby Moynihan Talk Star Wars Resistance in New York

Last Wednesday, October 3rd, actors Donald Faison and Bobby Moynihan sat down at the AOL Build studio in New York to talk about the new Star Wars Resistance animated series.

The new series, which premiered Oct. 7 on the Disney Channel, is set after the time period of “Return of the Jedi” but before “The Force Awakens.” The animated series follows a young pilot named Kazuda Xiono who spies on the evil First Order for the Resistance. Faison, known best for his roles in “Scrubs” and “Clueless,” voices fellow pilot Hype Fazon, and Moynihan, best known for his work on “Saturday Night Live,” voices mechanic and junk dealer Orka.

“‘Star Wars’ is usually about the Skywalker family and the mystical side of it, and “Resistance” is more about blue-collar ‘Star Wars,’ like the people in the cantina … all the other people that inhabit this universe and kind of how they make a living,” Moynihan explained what sets “Star Wars Resistance” apart. [Tour the Millennium Falcon with These Awesome ‘Star Wars’ Photos]

“These guys are racers and pilots,” Moynihan began — “and security guards,” Faison finished. “I play a junk dealer,” Moynihan added. “We’re not the fancy Jedis; this is more seeing what’s really happening in the other parts of the universe.”

Happy watching!