Domhnall Gleeson Calls Out Kelly Marie Tran’s Harassers & Talks ‘The Last Jedi’ Backlash

General Hux actor Domhnall Gleeson shares some thoughts on those behind the attacks on Kelly Marie Tran, and also The Last Jedi backlash. During an interview with HeyUGuys for his movie The Little Stranger he called out Tran’s harassers for subjecting her to months of sexist and racist comments.

“People having an opinion about the film is absolutely fine. You pay your money, and you’re allowed to have an opinion and you’re allowed to like it or dislike it.” he said. “The stuff with Kelly was bulls—. That’s a different thing all together, so those people are just morons. Those people are a—holes. That’s a different level of stuff. You don’t buy that when you buy your tickets.”

Regrading the piece Tran wrote for the NY Times….

“I thought the piece she wrote was amazing and I’ve got huge respect for her,” he said. “I thought she dealt with it as classily as an unclassy situation can call for.”

Watch the clip above.