Does The Color of The Logo Used For The Rise of Skywalker Hold Any Meaning?

Nerdist has an interesting theory on the decision made by Lucasfilm to use the color purple/violet in the official logo for The Rise of Skywalker. The color purple made a bold entrance in the theatrical¬†Star Wars franchise as the hue of the lightsaber blade used by Jedi Master Mace Windu in the Prequel Trilogy. But it really hasn’t been featured heavily in any other way since then. Nerdist believes that has changed now with the official logo for Episode IX being written in this color. Check out their line of thinking on this subject copied below.

Purple is not a color that has much prominence in the marketing or history of Star Wars, save for Mace Windu’s lightsaber. According to Lucasfilm creative executive Pablo Hidalgo, Mace Windu’s unusual lightsaber color had to do with Jackson’s attempts to shape the character, rather than a historical relevance, so it’s unlikely that choice influenced The Rise of Skywalker’s title color. However, we can glean some lightsaber-centric stuff from the lovely hue.

In Star Wars there are many different colors of lightsabers, but there are two in particular which have come to represent the dark side (red) and the light side (blue). When you bring those colors together, what do you get? Purple. The title and trailer already have fans theorizing that we might see Rey and Kylo team up to bring balance to the Force and perhaps even take down surprise returning villain Emperor Palpatine. The color choice hints that this may be the case, and if Rey’s blue saber represents the light and Kylo’s Red represents the dark, then perhaps the purple hue of the title indicates some kind of reckoning and eventual equilibrium between the two, skewing more towards to the blue/light side?

What do you think? Does this theory hold any weight in your mind?