Does Obi-Wan Have More Staying Power than Solo? look to see if an Obi-Wan Kenobi series/film will have better staying power than the ill-fated Solo: A Star Wars Story. They look at the characters of Obi-Wan and Solo and compare their characteristics and more.

The financial failure of Solo: A Star Wars Storyreportedly caused Disney to reconsider the direction of the Star Wars franchise, veering away from nostalgia-bait prequels and cancelling the planned Obi-Wan feature.

But Obi-Wan has returned from the dead, once again, as a Kenobi-centered series for Disney+ is currently in discussion, with Ewan McGregor in talks to return to the role. But is reviving Luke Skywalker’s mentor a smart idea, considering the fate of Han Solo?

The two popular characters, both veterans from the original trilogy, are viewed very differently. Disney made a timely mistake with Solo, releasing the prequel after we watched the beloved character murdered on screen. The tragic end of Harrison Ford’s Han wasn’t the best time to learn how the character first started his journey, and recasting the role with another actor, almost the same age as Ford was during Han’s first appearance, simply felt wrong (Alden Ehrenreich did a spectacular job, regardless).

Obi-Wan might have died on screen decades ago, but the character is essentially split in two, between Alec McGuinness’s wise old mentor and McGregor’s saintly hero, whose prequel/spin-off adventures have (arguably) transcended the journey of Luke Skywalker.

It’s generally agreed that McGregor is the gem of the prequel trilogy, a casting choice that George Lucas absolutely nailed. McGregor, like McGuinness, is Obi-Wan Kenobi. No awkward recasting needed, and plenty of story to be mined from the character’s many adventures outlined in the animated spin-offs, and untold antagonistic encounters with the recently resurfaced Darth Maul.

Ewan McGregor has recently enjoyed an odd renaissance, an ironic/earnest form of internet worship stemming from r/PrequelMemes, the community that blossomed out of a shared joy in mocking the prequels, one which regularly pays memetic tribute to McGregor’s character and performance.

Read more at the link below, and let us know you thoughts. D23 Expo is later this week and we expect to get an announcement of the Obi-Wan Kenobi series coming to Disney+. We will be at the show brining you all the latest news.