Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Real-World Jedi Master?

Dashing cloaks, self-flammable swords, and the most powerful minds in the universe. What’s not to envy about Jedi? A puny mortal might never learn to fly around in space combats or manipulate other earthlings with awesome mind tricks, but they can certainly exercise the sheer will the Jedi are known for.

But first, the initiation.

Before you can become a real-world Jedi Master, you must feel a burning desire to do some good. This journey of self-improvement is all about choosing the right side, testing your patience, and readying yourself for a lifetime of sacrifices. It’s a long and lonesome road, to be one with the Force.

Do you have what it takes?

1. Test Your Patience

Jedi live by a rigorous code, obeying not the laws of men as much as the higher, universal laws of the universe. And, these laws know no emotion, no passion or fear of death. When you are one with the Force, you are forever at peace. Your spirit is committed only to the outer good and inner self-discipline.

So, start practicing your power of patience.

Because our modern world is full of temptations, you’ll need to learn how to master and control your urges. Of course, we’re not talking about some sort of ascetic lifestyle. We’re suggesting awareness and temperance, a state of mind sobriety that allows you to enjoy your vices without getting hooked.

You can be greedy and act hastily, or you can stand patiently. It’s like on Simba Games, where you go to play online UK slots – instead of pushing your luck when all luck abandons you, you can simply cash out and leave. Wouldn’t that be a day? It wouldn’t make you a Jedi Master IRL, but it would be a start.

2. Test Your Powers of Prediction

Jedi have mind tricks. You have deduction skills.

The two powers are essentially the same – they allow you to shape opinions by reading people. Granted, you won’t be able to move objects with your thoughts, but you will able to bend reality. To nudge things in a more favorable direction simply by predicting possible outcomes. To beat the house.

There are a couple of ways to develop deductive reasoning and critical thinking skills. You can start by observing your environment very closely and by analyzing arguments. Before spending all your life savings in an online casino, you can ask what is live online roulette and how can I foretell its outcome?

Like it or not, life is a gamble.

If the prize is what you seek, then you must learn to deduce the best strategy.

3. What About Your Analytical Skills?

Critical and analytical thinking are not the same, and you’ll need both if you plan to fathom the secrets of life and the universe with a Jedi-like prudence. Remember, to be one with the Force means to remove yourself from emotional thinking. So much of your good judgment suffers from your fears and doubts.

The traditional think before you leap rule is a double-edged sword. Sure, it allows you to analyze and assess the situation before you approach it. But it also makes you vulnerable to overthinking and hesitancy, which in turn cripples your movement. The higher level is the ability to think while you leap.

Achieving singularity in self is a precursor for being one with the Force.

Unlike critical thinking, analytical skills allow you to break down complex concepts. The faster you can complete this multistep process, the better. Your train of thought will be uninterrupted by external factors, enabling you not only to think fast but also to think under pressure. It’s more than a handy skill – it’s a superpower.

4. Light Side or Dark Side?

Finally, you must make a choice.

Will you stay committed to self-improvement or will you succumb to temptations?

Will yours be the light side or the dark side?

Getting to know both sides will help you determine which one you want to be on. Just like Lando’s newly revealed sexual fluidity, the world is not all black and white. This nuanced life requires a healthy balance between committing to the common good and staying true to what you are, and that’s flawed.

The laws of the universe know no insecurities or self-doubt. Every atom of your being must strive towards the same goal, exercise the same willpower, and work in harmony with your thoughts and emotions in order for you to achieve the desired state of mind. It’s a huge feat, so don’t try to rush it.

Don’t try to ignore your dark side either.

Embrace it instead, come to know it, and then choose to overcome it.

Unlocking the Jedi strength that lies within you might just be the ultimate challenge in the universe. Fortunately for your happiness and fulfillment, it’s not an impossible one. Real-world wise men (and women) have been forging empowering tools for centuries. Instead of Jedi mind tricks, they’ve reached mindfulness.

These wise men and women are super real, just like you.

If they have what it takes, then so do you.

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