There’s no denying how awesome reserved seating is at your local movie theater. You get to pick your desired seat of choice (assuming it is available of course) and can arrive at the theater mere minutes before the show is about to start. No more standing outside the theater hours before the showtime for the latest blockbuster film with the hopes of getting into the theater as soon as possible to secure the best seats.

That being said, you may want to rethink your decision to arrive at the theater minutes before showtime, even with your reserved seating tickets in hand. The Walt Disney Company has announced that they have established a new partnership with National CineMedia (set to run through at least June 2018) to launch a new video show called Noovie. This new video show will run in theaters before the previews and will contain exclusive behind-the-scenes content for films such as December’s The Last Jedi, the currently untitled Han Solo standalone film, and other titles in the Disney library of films.

Noovie videos will be about 20 minutes in length (including commercials) and will reportedly have the “best content” shown during the start of the show. Noovie will be replacing the long-running FirstLook video service that has been part of the movie-going experience for over 10 years.

You can follow Noovie on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. To locate a Noovie participating theater near you, click here.

Head on over to The Hollywood Reporter for more information on this new theater video show.