Details On ‘Solo’ Character Played By Anthony Daniels

WARNING: Spoilers for Solo are included bellow. If you haven’t seen the film yet, proceed ahead at your own risk if you so desire.

Earlier this month we learned of the name of the new character that Anthony Daniels would be playing in director Ron Howard’s Solo: A Star Wars Story. The character Daniels is most famous for, C-3PO, was not part of the cast for Solo, but the actor did have a brief cameo playing a character named Tak. Entertainment Weekly gives us a bit more details on this character and where in the film eagle-eyed viewers can spot him on screen.

Call him Tak, and keep your eyes sharp — Anthony Daniels’ high-strung escaped slave comes and goes quickly during the heist in the Kessel mine.

When Sagwa, the skinny Wookiee, beckons Chewbacca to flee with him by pressing their foreheads together, Tak is the human in the brown hat and poncho who is calling, “Sagwaaaa! This way!”

In Solo: The Official Guide, by Lucasfilm story group member Pablo Hidalgo, there’s a little more background about Daniels’ character, although it sounds like Sagwa ran off with the worse scoundrel:

“Believed to have once been a con artist robbing the elderly on Coruscant, Tak crossed a line by attempting to do the same with the Princess of Kessel. Now, Tak uses his swindles and schemes to try to get easier work shifts.”